02 May 2011

TWD: Basic Marbled Loaf Cake

After an unexpected hiatus (including an expected extended trip to Paris)  and a flurry of sewing, I am back to baking this week with our pick by Carol.  The recipe for this cake (which I believe you'll find on her blog) is for a plain loaf cake, which you then flavor however you want.  I've registered here before that marble cake is one of my favorites, so I was all over it. I've also registered here that I love chocolate and mint together, so when I saw one of the suggestions was a chocolate-peppermint mix I was all over that, too.

The cake was very quick, straightforward and easy to mix together.

Not much to say about that. Just a standard butter cake in composition.  I had some Callebaut white blocks that have been sitting around forever, and some slightly bittersweet chips, so I used those for my chocolates.

I mixed half the batter with the bittersweet chocolate and half with the white.  I reached into the cabinet and discovered that my peppermint extract is actually peppermint oil.  Oh well.  I added it anyhow.

Then in a fit of perversity, I decided peppermint cake should be pink.

Then in another fit of perversity, I decided the flavors should not be very mixed.

So I layered the batters and banged the cake, unswirled, into the oven.

I let it bake for the minimum suggested--an hour and 20 minutes.  It was crusty and very done by then.

I tried a piece before bed and brought some in my lunch to work today.

Verdict:  I dunno what the deal is, but my cake is dry as all get out.  I typically love "dry" "plain" cakes, but this one is throwing me.  I'm not sure if it baked too long, or if using 2% milk really made a huge difference (I doubt that, though;  I usually have that about the house so it's what I typically use)  The peppermint is nice and strong (though admittedly mint-flavored cake is a little weird) but though I am not a chocolate freak I think the chocolate needs upping, either from using a stronger chocolate and/or increasing the amount of chocolate batter.  I am gonna try it with some chocolate sauce and see if I am happier with it.


Comfy Cook said...

Chocolate Mint sounds like a great combination for the cake.

I have no idea why yours came out dry. Mine was fine but I did bake it less time than Dorie said. The top is very brown and I covered it midway through.

cindy said...

Great combo--I think the baking time is tricky. I used semi-sweet chocolate, next time I will use a darker chocolate. Whipped cream seemed to cover my slightly dry cake.
It is a cake with possibilities.
Have a great day.

Cakelaw said...

Soory to hear this isn't waht you'd hoped. I use skim milk, so I agrre that wasn't it. Chocolate and mint is a gret combination though.

Nicole said...

I made chocolate mint, too. Mine wasn't too dry, I wonder what happened? I had to cover my cake so it didn't get too done, plus I am dealing with an oven that isn't maintaining temperature very well.

Peggy the Baker said...

I covered mine with a foil tent and baked it even longer than the 1 hour + 20 minutes. It was a little dry around the edge, but not so much that was a bother. I think oven temperatures are imprecise and maybe your's also baked a little long after it came out of the oven. More experimentation needed!

The Bake More said...

I thought my cake was a little dry too, and I only cooked it for 55 minutes. (It would have been a brick at 1 1/2 hours.) But chocolate syrup and ice cream really moistened it up : ) Thanks for baking with me this week. - Carol

miss kate said...

I think y'all are right--I thought that "1 hour and 20-30 minutes" looked off for a regular loaf pan--shoulda known better! I think Cindy puts it so well--it is a cake with possibilities. Looking forward to seeing what you guys came up with!

Oh, and Carol, I am updating to properly link to you--sorry! When I posted it last night I wanted to wait till I was sure your post was up...

natalia said...

Ciao ! I'm sorry it was dry, maybe it baked too long. I like it unmarbled !


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