22 March 2011

TWD: Honey Nut Brownies

Hi there!

I'm here to report on this week's TWD selection, the Honey Nut Brownies chosen by Suzy!  I didn't really know what to expect from this recipe.

First there was the melting of chocolate.  I used a Lindt bar (my standby), but then added some bittersweet chips to get the full four ounces.  This melted up quickly.

Then there was making the batter.  I used a mixed-flower honey in my batter.

After folding in dry stuff and chocolate, I added walnuts, which are my fave nuts for brownies.  Then batter to pan.  I thought the batter was kinda thin for brownies.  There was a lot of it too. 

Into the oven, and this is where complications arose:  it took a full HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES for my brownies to bake in a 9" metal pan.  They came out perfect without tenting--no hard edges or squidgy center--but really, 75 minutes is just unacceptable for a small pan of brownies.

The brownies' thin batter resulted in a very cakey texture.  The chocolate...well, there's a reason Dorie suggests adding chocolate frosting.  There's not much chocolate flavor in there.  What there is is a lot of sugar flavor.  A LOT OF SUGAR FLAVOR.  I nearly went into shock at my desk. 

Verdict:  I tried eating these for days before finally decided 1/2 way through the pan that I just didn't really like them.  I need my brownies less wishy washy about their identity, I guess. And I ABOMINATES icing on brownies, so I don't like covering them with it to give them an identity. Oh well, can't love 'em all, and I am glad I tried them. 


Clivia said...

I baked mine 70 minutes and the centre was still pretty wet. I did like the flavour though.

Pamela said...

Yeah, I agree about the flavor of them. Mine hung around for a couple of days and no one was eating them. So, that was that. But, at least we tried them!

Nicole said...

I baked mine for 65 minutes (I think) and I still don't think I baked them enough. I agree that these had an unusualy flavor. My husband (who ate most of them) kept asking what was in them since they tasted different! I guess I am also more of a pure brownie fan.

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

I'm with you... they just weren't too different for my taste. Yours look great, though! :)

Flourchild said...

I baked mine 4 ever..there OK...I wasn't thrilled....they look great !!

Suzy said...

Thanks for joining in. Sorry you didn't like them.


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