27 June 2011

Today's Adventures in Domesticity

So Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless informed me last night that I need to update this here blog, post haste.  I apologize.  I didn't realize I had any sort of audience!  I've done a few of the recent TWD recipes--the oatmeal nutmeg scones, the maple cornmeal biscuits--but never got around to posting, and here we are in July now!

I probably will do next week's recipe, though it violates all kinds of principles for me.  While I get on that wagon, I should remark that I am steadily on the sewing wagon.  The number of patterns I have right now is ridiculous.  The number of mostly-but-not-quite-finished projects is worse.  But here's a peek at what's actively "on the needles,"  so to speak:

Elizabeth Hartman "Little Leaves" quilt  (you can see an example here) as a gift
Elizabeth Hartman "Birthday Cake" quilt for me

I'm still making blocks for each of the quilts.

Clothing in progress:
Vogue wrap dress (needs some taking up at the shoulder, binding at the neck, and buttons to close it)
Colette Sencha top (needs buttons and holes and one back facing attached.  I was making this with a friend in Colorado.)
Colette Crepe dress (still working on the muslin for this, trying to get the bodice to fit properly.)
Simplicity Cynthia Rowley top
(technically done, but I want to add the twisty collar and it needs to be handsewn on)
Butterick sundress (just cut this out of black, white, and red stretch sateen)

Pictures to come...maybe...?


Maura said...

um hello! yes pic to come!!!! must.see.all.these.projects.pronto.

janedrew said...

Look at you go, Miss K. I have got to unearth the sewing machine I bought 3 years ago and take a class. I see so many great vintage patterns at the thrift and long to take advantage (okay, to be honest, I also see a fair number of late 1980s puffed-leg jumsuit patterns with platter collars and big bows. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about.).

janedrew said...

Oh the previous comment is from Sarah. The handle is leftover from a blog that never materialized and a reference to the most awesome kids' fantasy series of all time--The Dark is Rising (no, I don't play D&D). Did you read those?

miss kate said...

Ms. Drew: yes, unfortunately, I know what you're talking about re the jumpsuits (shudder). I didn't read that series, though! hmm. I thought the handle was an homage to your fave motherless, titian-haired convertible driver.

I have a TON of vintage patterns right now (mostly Mary Tyler Moore type scooter dresses and circa 1964 dress suits--perhaps the subject for another post?). Once I feel confident that I've figured out how to deal with my fitting issues I am GOING IN on them. There's a shop up in Hoboken that has a "Vintage Dress Lab" that I am dying to do. You can sign up for a one-week lab, or a four-week series, but they don't have any really interesting patterns going on this summer:
I do kinda like the September dress and might sign up for that.

Everywhere else here has much more boring stuff for classes. I also highly recommend Diana Rupp's SEW Everything Workshop book to help you with getting started.

Maura: PEER PRESSURE! I'll see what I can do :-)


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