24 July 2011

You saw it here first!

Hello tiny readership!

I promised a while back that I'd post pictures of stuff I'd been sewing.  Predictably, I didn't do much on any of the projects I listed for accountability;  however, I have sewn up a bunch of other things, and actually FINISHED them, and some might even see the light of day!  I figured I'd post them here first because 1) y'all asked me to and 2) I don't necessarily want my co-workers to know something is my handiwork BEFORE I take it for a workday test drive.  Sometimes you can't tell how a garment will go wrong till you wear it out.

I made this one night early this week.  It's from this tutorial: http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/2010/06/jennifers-fabric-focus-free-summer-top-pattern/. I had this fun cotton lawn lying around and I wanted to do something with it where the print wouldn't get lost in a lot of fussy cutting and fitting, but I didn't have enough to make a dress and it was too thin for a skirt.  Enter the Undaunted top.  It also gave me a chance to finally try smocking, which is totally easy and totally fun.  (You can't see it here, but the bottom hem is smocked about 2 inches.)  I had to fiddle with the shoulders a bit so the neckline wasn't stiff and high, and next time I think I'd only sew them in about an inch, so the neckline might drape.  I wore it to work last week, and no one went "um, did you make that?"  so I guess it's ok.

Heartened by the success of the Undaunted top, this I did the next night this week when particularly bored.  It's just a smocked tube top, went together in a couple of hours.  I almost never wear straight up tube tops.  I am thinking of possibly sewing in some buttons and making straps to attach to it?  I think the back is too long, too;  I'm getting a lot of fabric pooling at my lower back. 

I cut this out last night and finished it up today.  It looks better on, I think.  I was irritated to discover after cutting it out that the grain is somehow off, resulting in dots that don't quite match up on one side.  Still I might try to wear it out and see if anyone notices.  Maybe on a day when I know I'll be sitting at my desk all day.  A belt might be a good idea, too. 


I've been so frustrated with my inability to fit things perfectly that I've mostly been making unstructured tops this week and leaving my five zillion dress patterns for later.  However, I did finish this little number in something called "Prada Twill" that I had lying about.  This is a dress I never would have bothered with based on the envelope, but after seeing Lazy Stitching's renditions I knew I had to have it.  (Sometimes I really wonder what the envelope designers are thinking.  You are supposed to both make me want the pattern AND let me see the details, please!)  I originally went to my usual apparel fabric source, a Sew and Vac down the street from my apartment which has lots of remnants for $2.49 a yard, and picked out a stretchy coral poplin with a leaf print.  I wasn't sure about it;  it wasn't really my style, but the owner of the store was convinced it'd be great.  I went home and after dinner made the bodice.  Tried it on--she was right, the fabric was fabulous on me!  I forged ahead with the skirt.

Now I have only been sewing for about a year, but I quickly learned two things:  1) be sober when you sew, and 2) stop BEFORE you are tired.  Long story short, I cut the panels for the skirt backwards, ruining the tiny bit of irreplaceable fabric I had, and had to trash the coral leaf print.  Dug through my stash and found this, which I bought to make my sister a dress but discovered it wasn't stretchy enough.  It's ok, I guess. 

This fits fine, except as usual the neckline is a hair big and the waist is a hair low.  A camisole under the dress will have to do to help the neck and I think a belt will help the waist issue. 

So that's it!  More to come...


Maura said...

you are AMAZING!!! this should not be filed under "basic domesticity" (although I like "piecing out"!) - it is "you betcha I rock domesticity". For real. LOVE THESE! I agree with your two rules about being sober and stopping before you are tired. Both so hard to follow, unfortunately.

miss kate said...

you, ma'am, are too nice. And yeah about the rules, but it always seems like such a pleasant idea to settle down to the machine with a nice beer or glass of wine after work. This is NEVER a good idea. Something stupid always happens when I do that. Same thing about being tired; I think "oh, let me just finish this next step" and I end up doing something that has to be ripped out. Yet I persist. Sigh...

janedrew said...

Is the flowered fabric in the first pic marimekko?

I also am tremendously impressed. I actually bought the Wendy Rupp book a long time ago and have enjoyed leafing through it. I am kind of a crafting voyeur. I like to look and imagine but when it comes down to learning a new skill and doing some work. . .

I am serious about learning to knit though, and am forging through my first project (sadly, a scarf) mistakes and all.

miss kate said...

I dunno if it's marimekko! I did think it had that look to it. I get most of my fabric from this sewing machine and vacuum repair shop I mentioned, where they get boxes of remnants from designers and textile manufacturers. They've come to expect me there every Friday afternoon to rummage through the new stuff, and even let me go in the back storeroom by myself to peruse unopened boxes.

I dunno if I have the patience for knitting...hats off.


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