24 July 2011

More sewing stuff: picking a pattern for class

Regarding my fitting woes, I'm excited to be taking a pattern fitting class in a couple of weeks.  I'm getting tired of fiddling with everything I make; even being aware of some of my quirks and trying to adjust for them beforehand doesn't always work.  I'm constantly making things, but they usually get pushed aside towards the end because some little thing is off--the shoulders are too wide, the neckline is too big, the bust isn't big enough, the back is too long or too broad, the waist is too low, you name it. By then I'm ready for the next project, so whatever isn't working gets hidden in the closet.  The class is only one afternoon, though, and I can only bring one pattern.  I'm trying to decide which pattern to bring.

I really want help fitting this dress:

which I am dying to make for the fall (I even have a fab wine-red stretch sateen for it!) but I think will be a BEAR to fit correctly.  It's supposed to be pretty easy to sew, but it has to be roomy in the right places and tailored in others and it's hard to figure it all out from the photos. 

There's also this:

the Colette Macaron, which is all over the internets and every aspiring young seamstress has done, but I think with the full bust adjustment series and other fitting notes on Lazy Stitching, I can probably figure it out ok myself.

Other frontrunners include a couple of 1940s dresses that I think will be great for (what's left of) the summer and take me into fall--first, this Vintage Vogue:

I've got some cream-colored stretch crepe especially for this....

And this Retro Butterick, which I want some printed poplin or sateen for:

But the class list says bring a "basic pattern".  So I think I will probably arrive with this vintage pattern:

which I guess is pretty basic, and I could use help fitting a sheath dress and a jacket.  I've got pink linen for the dress and white linen for the jacket, just like the picture. No gloves, though, alas.  I don't think I could quite get away with those. 

I'm also really considering driving the hour+  for a "Vintage Pattern of the Month" class in September.  They are making this flutter-sleeved confection:

I feel like I'm at a point where I could use actual instruction/tutoring and it is really hard to find sewing classes that go beyond absolute basics.  Or that sew things I would want to wear!  I think the September dress is totally wearable vintage.  Doesn't it look perfect for going out for drinks on some roofdeck or patio somewhere in September?


janedrew said...

It all looks lovely, but I particularly love the dress and jacket. I wish collarless jackets would come back into fashion. I really dislike traditional man-tailored suits (on me, that is--they look great on other folks).

miss kate said...

Traditional man-tailored suits make me look like a dowdy old frump. I love them on other people but avoid them as much as possible on me. I have a few patterns for early-mid 1960s suits like this one and I think they might suit me better. (I hope!)

janedrew said...

Ditto on the frump. Even if I try on something well-tailored and wool from Banana or J Crew on me it looks like a circa 1994 polyester number straight off the Penney's clearance rack.

The real question, however, is what are you making for Miss A? I think we are talking A-line and empire waist, maybe something a little blouson. . .


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