04 October 2012

September's over?!

Hey y'all.

An update--there's been NO sewing or cooking round these parts--just a whole lotta flying around.  I've been on three work trips in three weeks--once to San Antonio and twice to Atlanta.  I don't travel a great deal (perhaps a little more than most of my co-workers, though), and I mostly enjoy it when I do (car service!  VIP rooms at nice hotels!  Good dinners!), but man I am BEAT. And currently addicted to tropical fruit salads such as the one above (and yes, I even have seasoning for my fruit). Also, Midge had to go to the hospital for extensive surgery, but hopefully she's ok now.  I have a wedding to attend this weekend, but hope to get some sewing done after that.  It's fall, so time for some skirts and tops.  I also haven't baked anything in a while, so I guess I'm due.  I can't believe I just missed an entire month.  All of a sudden it's getting dark when I leave the office.  WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO?


Maura said...

I love the hats!!!!

miss kate said...

Me too!!!! If only I had reason to wear one. I really wanted to get one but then remembered I already have a cowboy hat I have never worn (in like 4 years of owning it).


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