05 September 2012

HELP! I need some opinions.

So, this:

is all sewed together.  Problem?  It's not quite big enough.  I need it about 12 inches wider on each side (so 24 inches longer and wider) so it can be queen-sized.  I am paralyzed about what to do next.  I would like to add a slim colorful border or two along with more of the cream background fabric.  Mainly, I can't decide whether it would be best to go: blocks, cream border, colorful border, cream border, or border this big block with a colorful strip (I'm thinking a fuschia-white polka dot) and then have the rest be the background fabric.  I think I definitely want the background fabric next to the binding. 

So any opinions, o quilting friends?  Would the border right next to the blocks overwhelm them?  Or would bordering with the background make this section look odd?  Maybe a fuschia AND a baby blue border?  AHHH PLEASE HELP ME.

Closer look at blocks (apologies for the blurry pic!): 

It was a LOT of zigzagging, dudes.  A LOT of zigzagging.


Maura said...

I have to see this in person. It looks amazing. Whatever you do will be good around the border. trust yourself! You have mad awesome style. It's so pretty.

Jessica said...

Hmmm. I think I would go with a solid color border (something calm, maybe like the light blue in some of the leaves?) and then a small border of cream around that, OR leave the cream for the binding! But see what other people say, too. It looks gorgeous!!

miss kate said...

Jessica: I hadn't thought of doing lots of color. Hmm. I gotta wrap my mind around that.

Rachel said...

It looks great, that seems like a lot of work. I like the way it is. Just the white, it makes the little leaves pop like a scatter. I am usually conservative on color though :)


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