08 November 2011

TWD: Not-Really-Mini Madeleines

Oh my word!  I nearly forgot to post today!

These TWD selections get better and better.  Out of our two selections this week, I chose to go with the Mini Madeleines selection by Di.  I was originally going to go with the squash pie, but upon realizing that it was a pie with squash chunks in it--a fruit pie with squash chunks--I simply couldn't bring myself to waste the ingredients.  I just wouldn't be likely to eat that.  I don't even know what butternut squash tastes like!

So I went with the madeleines.  I bought a pan--a regular-sized one--to make some with a TWD recipe some months ago and never got around to it.  So I put it into use, making 12 regular cookies instead of 36 minis.

And now? I would like to make them every day.  They were very easy to make--just whisking (by hand) a few things that are easily found in anyone's larder.  Then you don't even have to hustle the batter into the oven--it goes into the fridge.  I left mine there one day.

The hardest part was flouring the molds.  The batter itself just spooned in and went right into the oven.

They baked up beautifully...

and tasted divine, even two days later.

Just perfect.  I love them!

I'm so pleased, I'm gonna do as promised and give extra quilt-in-progress photos:

(I sneaked in to the office to sandwich on Sunday.  The life of the single and impoverished and living in tiny apartments!  Shhhhh.)

Another pic of the top, a bit closer up:

and the back, though this isn't a good photo color-wise.  Think shades of pink and coral, ok?

It's all sandwiched and trimmed now, ready to be quilted. At some point.


Di said...

I'm glad to hear that these worked out so well for you! I think all of us have the same problem of not using our pans enough. =)

Maura said...

that quilt is OUT OF CONTROL beautiful. That was some serious work, too!!!!

miss kate said...

Oh, Di, I don't think that will continue to be a problem for me. :-)

And thanks, Maura! It was a lot of piecing, which is why it's taken me so long to get the top done! And actually it's supposed to have one more row, but when I was laying out the blocks last month I realized I didn't have enough make a 12th row. I had tons of leftover fabric, so I could piece blocks for it, but my soul just revolted at doing so.

Cakelaw said...

Your mads look fab but your quilt is devine.

spike. said...

The quilt and the mads look great! Can you send me an email at spikethebaker@gmail.com? I have some TWD info for you


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