12 January 2010

TWD: Sorry, Kiddos; and a sort of Rewind, I think?

Yep.  There shall be no TWD post from me today.  I can't get up the energy to make this week's assignment at all--just not feeling very good and so not in a baking mood this weekend or today.  This whole "New Year" thing isn't doing much for me yet.  I'm barely eating these days;  so making dough, chilling it, rolling and cutting, chilling, heating a bunch of oil to a proper temp without a thermometer or deep fryer, frying dough, sugaring it twice, eating it before it gets stale or limp--ugh, I'm tired out just typing that.  Not this week. No can do. 

The most I could muster was a version of Dorie's Parisian Apple Tartlets, thrown together at 2:45 AM:

and this didn't even really brown or puff properly.  Harumph.

I am not super amped about the next recipe, but who knows?  I'll plan on making it anyway.  Harumph harumph harumph.

In the meanwhile, if you are interested in what I am skipping, check out Teanna's full-of-awesome process and recipe post at Spork or Foon?


Teanna DiMicco said...

I hope feel better quickly! The Parisian apple tartlet is a nice, easy dessert to make! I hope it lifted your spirits!

miss kate said...

Thanks, Teanna!


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