14 August 2015

Maxidress Madness: McCall's 6700

Yes, I know, I'm late as all heck jumping on this bandwagon, but I DON'T CARE.

I stumbled across the pattern for this in a local shop for like a dollar.  I though it looked like a good buy--easy to sew and easy to wear.  I was a little surprised that it required knit rather than woven fabric--the dress on the envelope looks woveny to me--but I have plenty of knits I haven't sewed up so I went on with it. I broke out this pretty print that had been in the stash for a long time and went to work.

It took me longer to put this together than most folks, although I made very few alterations.  Actually, all I did was add to the skirt, grading out at the waist and hip.  The bust point measurement for the size that I usually cut for an FBA actually matched me, so I decided to give it a chance.

The most difficult parts of this were the shoulders.  I somehow don't have a loop turner (how?) and the tubes are so tiny, plus In the jersey they stretched. I gave up out of frustration and just stitched the long ends together and knotted the ends. Next time I'll do them properly.   Also, the shoulders gathered a lot when I attached the elastic, but they flattened out when I attached the straps (which are stitched to the outside shoulder seams). In the end, they were ok.

The bust ended up fitting pretty well--I did find that once I removed the basting that held each section to each other that---well, I need to baste them back together for modesty. 

was surprised to find that it was actually floor-length on me! I dunno how more petite ladies deal. Also pleasant: the high waist hit at my waist.

I made the sash that comes with the pattern, but after trying it a few times I decided I prefer the dress without it.  Next time I might do a wider sash, or completely go without. 

I wore it to work with a cardigan.  Except for the gaping top issue, it was very comfy! Definitely a Secret Pajamas sew. 



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Julie Ann said...

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