30 November 2010

TWD: Rewinding Madness (My Favorite Pecan Pie and Devilish Shortcakes)

Hello y'all!

For the November 23 rewind, I made My Favorite Pecan Pie for a Thanksgiving dinner.  I think it was a hit.  I'll post about it when I find my camera cord, but in the meantime you can revisit my original triumph and surprise here:  My Favorite Pecan Pie

And this week we have Devilish Shortcakes, selected by Tania at Love Big, Bake Often.  Well guess what!  For once I'm ahead of the curve.  I made these in Charleston earlier this summer.  Devilish Shortcakes

I also plan to make these again this week...am blanking on a suitable filling though.  Perhaps some tangerines or oranges?

I thoroughly enjoyed my four day weekend.  I mean, you know, I didn't, like, have any cute little redheaded babies on Thanksgiving or anything (I'm looking at you, M!)  but it was cool or whatever.  We were let go early on Wednesday.  I woke up Wednesday morning looking forward to that like it was Christmas and I was expecting Santa.  I got to go home when there was still sun!  Amazing. 

Aside from Thanksgiving day--which was spent making the pie and then driving out to Bon Jovi's hometown for dinner (not with the Bon Jovis, though) I spent the whole weekend puttering about the house working on a new dress, which is coming together nicely.  It's my first time working with knit fabric and I may never sew with woven fabric again.  I had planned to crank out three or four dresses this weekend, but I am slowly coming around to the idea that a properly crafted dress takes some time to do and that it really, really helps for me to stop before I get tired and crankypants and then start making stupid mistakes and/or drinking.  I also pieced and sandwiched a second baby quilt this week, too.  It was a pretty good sewing week.  Not a bad baking week either.  I hope all of you had a lovely holiday.  



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