26 October 2010

TWD: All-American, All-Delicious Apple Pie

aka The Day I Learned Where "Easy As Pie" came from

Today's pie was also brought to you by basic supermarket crust.  Totally inferior, but one does what she must.  I don't generally like fruit pie anyway, so why spend the time?  I could be spending that time piecing baby quilts:

Having surrendered to not making crust, I put the pie together after work.  I used a mix of Granny Smith, McIntosh and Golden Delicious apples.  Apples are EVERYWHERE around here!  It was super easy--peeling and chopping the apples was really the most strenuous thing.  I found some granular tapioca at my local grocery store, so I used that.

Dumped in crust, covered and tossed in oven.  The pie cooked in the minimum time.

However--my industrial crust machinations need some work.

And I forgot to line the crust with graham crackers. 

The taste is pretty good, for what it is.  I like the addition of the lemon zest to keep the pie from being overly sugary.   I don't know if I'd choose to make it again, but that has nothing to do with the pie and everything to do with me.  Still working to teach myself to like cooked fruit desserts.

Emily chose this very seasonally appropriate pie.  Thanks!


Pamela said...

That quilt looks wonderful! I liked the addition of lemon, too. And those quick pie crusts are a great time saver

Jules Someone said...

Sorry it wasn't a favorite. The quilt is lovely!

Flourchild said...

The lemon was a great add in! SOrry it didn't knock your socks off!

Maura said...

oh the pie AND the quilts (!!!!) are amazing! I love love love apple pie... and well the color combos in those squares are perfection.

miss kate said...

Thanks, y'all! Like I said, I don't think it's the pie's fault. I think it's probably a really good apple pie. I just don't actually *like* apple pie all that much.

Maura: I bought a bunch of fabric to make my 7 year old nephew a quilt, feeling like I had seen it before--and I totally think you've done some quilts with it. It's the David Walker "Robots" series. *stalker*

Tia said...

awww yuou're a quilter! looks great-both the pie and the quilt.
xoxo Tia @ Buttercreambarbie

Emily Rose said...

thanks for baking along with me this week! Your quilt is beautiful!


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