21 June 2010

TWD: Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cakes

Hi everyone! I'm back in Northeastern Town, for a few days, anyway. 

First of all, Louisville?  You should SO totally go to there.  I am disappointed that I was usually too tired to go exploring much (reading and scoring 125+ exams a day for 6 days will kinda do that to ya), but what little I did see was surprisingly awesome.  I have every intention of dragging someone there if for nothing but the Bourbon Trail.

This week's TWD recipe was chosen by Amy of Amy Ruth Bakes.  Excellent selection!  I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, but it was a real winner.  It's a quick and easy variation on the humble chocolate layer cake;  only this one is done in a loaf pan instead of round or square pans, torted and filled with preserves and then iced with a super easy icing (it's just chocolate and sour cream.).  I was able to bang this out in a couple of hours.

I have very few pictures this week.  For one, the cake was so fast and easy to do, there really wasn't much of interest to photograph;  for two, my bum of a camera finally quit me, in spectacularly dramatic fashion, after a 5 year relationship.  Meh.  He wasn't no good noway.

The batter was mixed in standard butter cake fashion.  It came out to be a pretty thick batter, so I knew it'd be a nice sturdy cake, good for torting.  I did half the recipe and got three small loaf pans out of it.

Normally, when I torte cake, I refrigerate the aych out of it first.  It makes cutting it neatly so, so much easier.  In this case, I was impatient, plus I figured the cakes were small and sturdy enough to not really need it.

 I was right.  They sliced beautifully with a sharp knife.

For the filling, I used the last of a jar of apricot-raspberry preserves, which went very well with the iced cake.  I did the whole recipe of filling and of icing but I still only had enough for two cakes.  This was fine by me.

All in all, it's a very simple and satisfying layer cake.  The cake itself is a perfect texture, the icing is not overpoweringly sweet or bitter, and the preserves add a nice polite bit of interest. If I was sitting around the house and in the mood for chocolate cake, I'd totally consider making this one.  It's a little simpler than my *ahem* State-Fair-blue-ribbon-winning-chocolate cake, but it does the job. 


Flourchild said...

Great minis. I have the same cute little pans!

Tia said...

i agree, they did slice beautifully!

Mary said...

They look great as minis! I think I'll be making this again too.

Pamela said...

Gotta love the minis! I made them, too. Looks great!

AmyRuth said...

Funny thing, those mini's don't look terribly mini, ya know. Well you know they are, but not sure we could tell they are.... he he he. sorry about the departure of your dearly beloved camera. Shucks, guess you'll be shopping soon. Thanks so much for your delicious baking this week. They look like they were a hit.
Chocolat and all.


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