01 February 2010

TWD: Milk Chocolate Mini Bundts

This was the first TWD assignment (chosen by Kristen) since I've joined that is not new to me.  I've met and done battle with these cakes once before.  The last time was a last-minute emergency dessert effort.  I think I was wanting something chocolate, but needing to clean out the cupboard, and all I had on hand was some bars of milk chocolate for baking that I'd had forever.  I recall being less than impressed with the cake, though I love milk chocolate*;  it sort of reminded me of german chocolate cake (which I LOVE) but only kinda sorta. I was in a hurry, though, and didn't really take any notes.

I thought I'd try it again.  I bought fresh chocolate and had everything sit at room temp all day, while I labored in vain to set up my DVD/VCR to work with (rather than in spite of) my cable system.  Urgh!  This should NOT be this hard.  

why you treat me so bad?  I don't ask y'all for much.  I just wanna watch some football.  A little Peyton, a bit of Who Dat.  Is that really too much?

My electronics were failing me, but I refused to let the cake follow suit.  THIS was going to WORK, dangit!
The batter mixed up easily and is possibly the tastiest cake batter ever.  I don't have a minibundt pan,  just four small pans, and the batter just filled them all;  batter, swirl, batter.

Into the oven they went for about 35 minutes.

I took them out and let one sit for five minutes before turning out.  It broke.  Waited 10 minutes on the second.  Ditto.  I left the other two until I happened to think about them again and they fared much better.  UGH!  They still looked terrible.  I couldn't even take a photo.

Having seen all kinds of complaints about the glaze, I used an alternative from another Dorie recipe, with half and half.  It worked well. Thanks to Peggy the Baker for sharing!

The cake is quite yummy, but kind of dry and I don't like how it stuck to the pans.  Worth keeping but in need of some tweaks; maybe I'll add a finger or two more milk next time. 

Also!  This week--Friday, as a matter of fact--is my half birthday.  I got myself a present:

'tis ON NOW!  

*I really wish milk chocolate would come back in style.  I know Lindt is not super-premium quality, but there just isn't much selection for milk chocolate (and I like Lindt anyway).  I am getting right TIRED of bittersweet everything.  Who's with me?


Romaine said...

Half-birthday? What a great idea. Think mine may be coming up soon.

Meanwhile, love your chocolate glaze.

Mary said...

Cute pans! Your cake looks great in the end, even though you had some trouble with it. I am not with you on the milk chocolate thing. I don't love chocolate, but the darker the better for baking, I think. I made these with milk chocolate but won't next time. Nice new food processor! Too bad my half-birthday has gone by...

chocolatechic said...

I love your gifty to yourself.

Maybe I ought to start doing that.

I tweaked the recipe just a bit.

Maura said...

oh! I love the half birthday gift. and the color. excellent decision. and I love german chocolate cake, too.

The Queen of Quite a Lot said...

Love the new food processor! Such a bright sunny color! Thanks for baking with me this week!


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